Mathematical Absurdity of Evolution

creationism is truth
creationism is truth

The Mathematical Absurdity of the Theory of Evolution

The minimum essential DNA regions / proteins required for growth and reproduction for a basic bacterium is about 1000. This means the possibility of any basic organism bursting forth into life and surviving is about zero. Including the required genes, gene promoters, and other DNAs, each probably averaging over 100 specified nucleotides in length, the odds of random amino acid combination for survival are 1 in 10 to 100,000th power (which is a 1 followed by 100,000 zeroes).

Astro-physicists estimate that there are no more than 10 to 80th power infinitesimal “particles” in the universe, and that the age of the universe in its present form is no greater than 10 to 18th power seconds (30 billion years). Assuming each particle can participate in a trillion (10 to 12th power or 1000 000 000 000) different events every second (this is impossibly high, of course), then the greatest number of events that could ever happen (or trials that could ever be made) in all the universe throughout its entire history is only 10 to 80th power x 10 to 18th x 10 to 12th = 10 to the 110th power (most authorities would make this figure much lower, about 10 to 50th power). Any event with a probability of less than 1 in 10 to the 110th power, therefore, cannot occur. Its probability becomes zero, at least in our known universe.

The theory of evolution requires immense faith and believe in the unknown & unseen. Remember that next time someone questions your faith in the living God.

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