3rd Beast of this Age

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Christian faith is the continual fulfilling of prophecy written thousands of years ago. No man can foretell the future, so humanity’s ongoing alignment with the prophetic Word of God is an astounding confirmation of authenticity, to the non-prejudiced heart.

That the memes of this current age are so clearly predicated, makes it startling that so few contemplate the consequences thereof. But why does society embrace and follow certain paths that have obvious destruction ahead? How are individuals and societies reaching conclusions and making decisions that often don’t make sense?

The answer is information.

We live in a time when information is the key to success and failure, to shaping opinions and cultures, to building up and breaking down, to empowering and to disempowering. Those that understand this, long ago secured control of the media and a battle for the control of the internet and global education, is currently underway.

Who are these forces and these powers?

From a biblical perspective, we know that a demonic power will rise up and seek to enslave the entire world unto a single state world govt. Already there are many globalist agendas & activities underway, corralling humanity in a particular direction and Australia is often at the forefront of these efforts.

From its birth, Australia has always been a subservient nation, whether to Britain, the US or even China; and the population are readily manipulated and directed towards desired outcomes. The media shape the narrative and direct everyone from politicians to religion to the entire population; to behave in a predetermined way and to make the desired ‘democratic’ decisions. When there is rebellion or an unwillingness to follow, more stern action is taken, to ensure compliance.

Which leads to one of the biggest tools of deception in this misinformation war; the journalist.

As one well known editor said;

Nothing has changed in 150 years and possibly the only real Australian journalist is currently being tortured in Belmarsh prison for exposing the murder of innocent people by western govts. That the average Australian ‘journalist’ doesn’t even recognize him as such, is telling.

In Australian, there are few better examples of the globalist concubine journalist, than Peter FitzSimons. As one would expect, he is a bully who thrives in a nation that has made bullying a national sport. Watch any of his TV interviews and it will become immediately apparent.

[Unfortunately bullying is encouraged and permeates throughout Australian society from early school life, in sports, against women, against indigenous people, against foreigners and now increasingly against conservatives and Christians. Everybody is Australian society has had to contend with bullying, which contributes to the extremely high incidence of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, suicides, and mass medication for anxiety and stress]

FitzSimons uses his position, status and privilege to drive his agendas and along the way bully and abuse those individuals and groups that the media has collectively deemed persona non grata. Once they have achieved sufficient support for their agenda, they increase the attacks and encourage their likeminded social media followers to support with abuse, intolerance and hatred.

A very clear example of how the Australian people were recently duped in this manner was with the same sex marriage plebiscite. The media initiated and drove the campaign from the beginning. Any person, politician, business or organisation that did not fall in line was targeted and relentlessly abused, slurred and even attacked. Those that did not agree to ‘equality’ and ‘free love’, were deemed hateful, intolerant and bigots. In fact, according to Peter FitzSimons, Christians are the cause for the high suicide rate amongst homosexuals.

To this day, barely a week goes by without FitzSimons dredging up muck on some Christian around the world to reinforce his bigotry. When Folau, an indigenous Christian, dared to challenge the narrative, the abuse went into overdrive.

Had LGBT people honestly wanted equality, they could have formed their own unions and petitioned govt to recognize these unions as equal to marriage in every way. This would have shown tolerance to other beliefs and cultures. It would have shown acceptance of faiths and multiculturalism. But the real agenda was to usurp and redefine the beliefs of marriage held by everyone in Australian society. As so often is the case, those accusing others had become the intolerants, the haters and the bigots.

Many people hateful and intolerant of Christianity, may still believe it was the right decision. But what needs to be understood is that a precedent has been set and next time those same people may find their own beliefs being redefined to suit another cause that the global media is pushing.

It might be worthwhile remembering the words of JFK in this regard;

That young children are now undergoing enforced gender therapy and few are willing to speak up, shows clearly just how vicious the attacks against dissenters has been in the past. Everybody knows this is child abuse, but few are willing to be called bigots by the media’s social Bolsheviks. It’s a subtle tyranny that quietly enslaves the whole of society.

Peter FitzSimons’ latest manipulative and bullying effort revolves around indigenous football players resistance to singing the national anthem before games.

The reality is that like Colin Kaepernick, local football players are being manipulated and coerced into political activity or risk being ostracized. Can anyone truly say there is something in the national anthem Australia Fair that is racist?

But the indigenous people of Australia do have a lot to be discontent about. Dispossessed of their land, their culture destroyed, murdered in their thousands, purposely enslaved in alcohol and drugs…. Frankly there needs to be a debate and decision on restoration and compensation on a massive scale. Certainly, an apology from the highest office.

But we are told the national anthem is the cause of indigenous anxiety? If that be so, then so too should the whole Australian culture and the sports that culture imposed upon Aboriginal society, offend. You cannot simply be offended in part, but not be offended by that which enriches oneself.

This is the motivation behind my below comment.

In reality this is simply another tool of imposition by the powers that be, to use indigenous people to push a globalist agenda: which is, the breakdown and replacement of national identity & patriotism in the West, with a globalist, multicultural identity. We can be certain that SMH & FitzSimons will be singing from that hymn sheet at every opportunity and using indigenous people to that end.

And to drive home how the absolute disregard FitzSimons has for indigenous people, he liked only one response to my comment. And it is absolutely clear he diligently sought through the many responses to find one that would be the most offensive to indigenous people:

These are the true colours of Peter FitzSimons.
Not once did FitzSimons question the motive of my comment, but rather sat back and let his hateful followers spew out all manner of bile and evil. This is the bully, the voice of hatred and intolerance, disguised as tolerance and multiculturalism, which has privileged status in Australian society.

While the Imperial West was marauding, colonising, enslaving & murdering indigenous people throughout the world, true Christians were following and lifting up those same communities.

To this day, while FitzSimons and his gangs of intolerant media thugs criticize and condemn Christianity from the view of their privileged and private clubs, Christians will be in the community looking after the orphans and widows, visiting those in prisons, feeding the poor, helping those in need from every religion, culture and sexual orientation.

Be careful what you wish for Peter. Even the famed atheist Richard Dawkins, who hates Christianity has warned against celebrating the demise of Christianity in Europe, noting that the “relatively benign” religion could be replaced with something worse. But of course, that is the globalist agenda.


Charismatic collapse

God is starting to withdraw from the Charismatic church and the Spirit of God is being lifted off this movement. Sadly most of the leaders within the Charismatic movement will not even discern the change.

Why is that?

They have already moved too far into the natural, from the spiritual. They no longer rely on the leading of the Lord, the manifestation of spiritual gifts or the power of God. When God moves away, they will continue to function in their ministries by their natural abilities, gifts and talents.

These ministries will continue to function into the future, but they will increasingly mirror those carnal denominations that are no longer led of God nor manifest the Kingdom of God. In the near future all these carnal denominations will go into bondage to this world system.

This spiritual is already starting in the Catholic church with the latest pope clearly representing and pushing secular interests and doctrines. There will be a minor rebellion to this overthrow of the carnal church, but it will succumb. The ecumenical movement will gain momentum to gather up all other carnal ministries, who will likewise succumb to the doctrines and bondage of this world, never to return again to the authority of the Holy Spirit.

These are truly momentous events in the history of the church.There has never been such a falling away of the faith before.

Speak Life or Death

The destiny of mankind is shaped by the words of God, the words of the devil or the words of man. Who is determining your destiny?

Our destiny is shaped by what we allow into our soul or our body. The most powerful of influences is the spoken word.. that of God or the devil, manifesting through others or ourselves.

Slave to a Demonic Spirit

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London has some interesting voices; they come from all walks of life, all driven to passionately share something that stirs them. One of the regulars is Leo Muhammad. Leo is the London version of Louis Farrakhan; in fact part of the same faith network. I hadn’t heard their doctrine, so adopted an open mind, hoping to discern what motivates their belief system. It wasn’t long before it became evident Leo is motivated by the hurts of the past. Clearly he was subject to some abuse or prejudice which has been internalised and now manifests in what can only be called a general hatred of white people.

After much preaching and condemnation of the evil ‘blue eyes’ (who must one day be judged by the black Muslim), the corruption of the Christian faith (Jesus was a black man) and the uncle Tom’s who were puppets of the white system (from Obama to every successful black sports person), I was allowed a question. “Why do you and all your followers look so miserable and angry if you are free and have the truth?” I asked. “Because we have all had a lot of bad experiences” was the answer. Therein lies the revelation as to what drives them to action…

At some point in their lives, the evil of others, probably white people, had caused a breech in their souls’. In the process they had taken offense and in doing so had yielded to and allowed a demonic spirit to take authority in their lives. When we yield and give authority to a demonic spirit through rejection, bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred, jealousy, anger, covetousness, lust or pride, our thoughts and actions are no longer ours alone.

Those that succumb have a breech, a brokenness, and are as one seeing everything through tinted glasses. What is seen is true to ourselves, but in reality we are blinded to the real truth. We misinterpret the words and actions of others, we become quick to judge and condemn. In truth, the devil is allowed to exert authority to steal, kill, and destroy. This includes our peace, our dreams, our relationships, our health, our God purposed destiny. Out of this arises contradiction and conflict in our reasoning, beliefs and actions. The fruit is there for all to see except ourselves. Cycles of failure, disappointment, broken relationships, sickness and other ills become entrenched, with the only permitted response being to blame or accuse others for our woes.

Jesus, having every right to do so, refused to take offense, even to his death on the cross, saying; “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Matthew 5:38-48 is as much about self-preservation of the soul as it is about being Christ-like:
Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also. And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away. Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect

In Leo Muhammad’s world, black people are not successful because white people are racist and prejudice against them. And what all black people need is Leo to bring them into the promised land. Forget about all the many black people that have shed the shackles of such mental slavery, who have excelled or believed God for mighty things, trusting that they are unique and have a loving Father in heaven to guide them. Ignore all those who contributed to the betterment of humanity throughout history, even forget that Obama was voted as a president of a white nation… all white people oppress black people. Ignore that Muslims have enslaved black people for centuries before the white man. His enslaved reasoning absolves any black or Muslim person who has carried out any act of evil; they do this only because they were or are under the power of an evil white system.

This is a doctrine that perpetuates slavery, mediocrity, failure and defeat. It allows every disciple of the faith to have an excuse for not excelling or achieving in life. Ignore that black fathers disproportionately abandon their children and partners, that young black men disproportionately embrace gang culture and partake in crime and drugs or that ancestral worship & spiritualism of the forefather’s bears down heavily upon the children…. any such self evaluation towards recovery and restoration is rejected.

From this ideology, there simply is no way to recovery from any failure or bondage. And this is what these servants of the devil love; followers that are in perpetual defeat and in need of a saviour such as themselves. It is no surprise there is so much anger and hatred within these cults; it is essential to maintain control over others and is simply evidence of the devil in authority and at work. It is not just Leo Muhammad; it is evident in all the workers of iniquity of this age; people who enslave others through fear, prejudice, hatred and bitterness. When you hear any preacher blaming or accusing others for your woes, avoid them like the plague. They will keep you enslaved to your afflictions and Lord over you.

Let these opponents of truth and liberty be a personal revelation for each one of us. When we are in bondage because of the afflictions of the past, understand that the level of bondage is directly proportional to how much evil, from others, that we yielded to and internalised. And when God begins our recovery from bondage, defeat and failure He invariably begins and ends with us. What is the state of our heart, what were our responses, what were our utterances and our action during and after those events that led to our bondage. We may be responsible for 1% of the evil in the entire exchange, but God is 100% focused on what we need to renounce, repent of and forgive, before he can bring about any permanent recovery.

Justice and judgment

Isaiah 59: Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear…. None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth….. And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.

2000 years ago a prophet saw an injustice being paraded before the Jewish nation. The offender was a powerful and ruthless leader, one that had no qualms about killing anyone that interfered with his ambitions. To openly condemn such an offense could lead to instant imprisonment, even death. But God had prepared a prophet for that very time, one who had clear revelation of the righteousness and justice of God. Aware of the sin of the king spreading to the people, as had invariably happened in the past, John the Baptist condemned Herod for stealing his brother’s wife and was killed soon after his imprisonment. He was willing to stand against evil and be that voice in the wilderness against wickedness.

Throughout history, God has raised up prophets and voices to contend with the evil of the day. Christians who don’t compromise or pander to the mighty or wicked, but stand for righteousness, defending the helpless and supporting the poor and needy. In this day and age, in the Christian west, that voice has all but dried up. There are no Christian leaders that seem willing to contend with evil leadership and make a stand for what is right and just. Perhaps they are too busy making ministry to see what is taking place politically in the world at this time or perhaps they simply accept what the deceitful media declares to be fact.

There are terrible injustices taking place in the world at the hands of the so-called Christian West. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen are all nations that have been attacked, destroyed and experienced horrific loss of life, under the pretense of freedom. Whistle-blowers exposing these evil acts are being murdered and persecuted. One in particular, Julian Assange, is now facing harsh repercussions for publishing information of western governments and leaders being engaged in horrific acts of crime, including murder.

The US is now attempting to pervert justice and bully other nations to get their hands on Assange. If they do, he could be detained indefinitely without trial for the evil act of revealing the truth. And yet we have the vice president of that nation confessing to be a Christian. Perhaps he is one of those Christians that murdered others for printing the Bible in English? Or one of those that burnt ‘heretics’ at the stake or one who uses his powers to sexually abuse children? What kind of Christian is he actually?

When church leaders gather around for smiles and photos in the White House, do any ask about the Syrian Christians that are been murdered by the terrorists that are being funded and supported by the US? Do any question why the US controlled nation of Afghanistan is shipping thousands of tons of heroin into the USA without restraint?

Are the perversions of democracy which allow banks and the rich to steal from the poor, not a convenient discussion? Are political bribes, secret trade deals and globalist agendas irrelevant to Christianity? Do these leaders justify and turn their eyes from the ongoing deaths of the innocent Arab youth in Israel? Has God become a respecter of persons that such lives are expedient to perpetuate such a heartless regime. The Orthodox Jews reject the Israeli Zionists and cry our because of their oppression, yet their voice is not heard by the so-called US Christian leadership??? The only Jews that seek to follow the Torah, are rejected by US Christians?

What the hell do they actually discuss with the president and vice president when they visit? Or are they just like the false prophets of Ahaz? “O Trump, O Pence.. great and mighty are thee, O chosen vessels of God. Do what is right in thine own sight”?

Where are the Spirit filled Christian leaders to condemn these travesties of justice? Has God not raised up any leaders of the faith for this time, to oppose these wicked actions? Perhaps the Christian leaders of this age have become too focused on building natural empires, of mammon, prestige and power… following after this world and too afraid to lose what they have accumulated?

Perhaps they do not understand what iniquity is – it is the absence of doing the right thing. An iniquitous church is a church that is no longer Spirit led, but led of the flesh. Are Christian leaders so carnal that they cannot perceive that every innocent life lost in the Middle East, by the actions of the governments of the West, will have a just recompense? That the next generations of those nations that facilitate and support such evil, will reap the actions of their forefathers? God is not mocked! Already the West is in moral, social and financial decline.

If the Christian leadership voices do not rise up in condemnation, God will raise up new leaders within the faith. They will speak out, they will stand for righteousness and they will condemn the wicked, whether they be they leaders of nations or not.

And they will defend people that speak the truth and expose lies and deceptions, such as Julian Assange – one of the few voices of truth in the world today. It should be the Christians who are the voices of truth, defending the defenseless… but it is not. The least Christians could do is support those that are doing what is expected of by God, those that are willing to sacrifice all they have to stand for truth.