3rd Beast of this Age

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Christian faith is the continual fulfilling of prophecy written thousands of years ago. No man can foretell the future, so humanity’s ongoing alignment with the prophetic Word of God is an astounding confirmation of authenticity, to the non-prejudiced heart.

That the memes of this current age are so clearly predicated, makes it startling that so few contemplate the consequences thereof. But why does society embrace and follow certain paths that have obvious destruction ahead? How are individuals and societies reaching conclusions and making decisions that often don’t make sense?

The answer is information.

We live in a time when information is the key to success and failure, to shaping opinions and cultures, to building up and breaking down, to empowering and to disempowering. Those that understand this, long ago secured control of the media and a battle for the control of the internet and global education, is currently underway.

Who are these forces and these powers?

From a biblical perspective, we know that a demonic power will rise up and seek to enslave the entire world unto a single state world govt. Already there are many globalist agendas & activities underway, corralling humanity in a particular direction and Australia is often at the forefront of these efforts.

From its birth, Australia has always been a subservient nation, whether to Britain, the US or even China; and the population are readily manipulated and directed towards desired outcomes. The media shape the narrative and direct everyone from politicians to religion to the entire population; to behave in a predetermined way and to make the desired ‘democratic’ decisions. When there is rebellion or an unwillingness to follow, more stern action is taken, to ensure compliance.

Which leads to one of the biggest tools of deception in this misinformation war; the journalist.

As one well known editor said;

Nothing has changed in 150 years and possibly the only real Australian journalist is currently being tortured in Belmarsh prison for exposing the murder of innocent people by western govts. That the average Australian ‘journalist’ doesn’t even recognize him as such, is telling.

In Australian, there are few better examples of the globalist concubine journalist, than Peter FitzSimons. As one would expect, he is a bully who thrives in a nation that has made bullying a national sport. Watch any of his TV interviews and it will become immediately apparent.

[Unfortunately bullying is encouraged and permeates throughout Australian society from early school life, in sports, against women, against indigenous people, against foreigners and now increasingly against conservatives and Christians. Everybody is Australian society has had to contend with bullying, which contributes to the extremely high incidence of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, suicides, and mass medication for anxiety and stress]

FitzSimons uses his position, status and privilege to drive his agendas and along the way bully and abuse those individuals and groups that the media has collectively deemed persona non grata. Once they have achieved sufficient support for their agenda, they increase the attacks and encourage their likeminded social media followers to support with abuse, intolerance and hatred.

A very clear example of how the Australian people were recently duped in this manner was with the same sex marriage plebiscite. The media initiated and drove the campaign from the beginning. Any person, politician, business or organisation that did not fall in line was targeted and relentlessly abused, slurred and even attacked. Those that did not agree to ‘equality’ and ‘free love’, were deemed hateful, intolerant and bigots. In fact, according to Peter FitzSimons, Christians are the cause for the high suicide rate amongst homosexuals.

To this day, barely a week goes by without FitzSimons dredging up muck on some Christian around the world to reinforce his bigotry. When Folau, an indigenous Christian, dared to challenge the narrative, the abuse went into overdrive.

Had LGBT people honestly wanted equality, they could have formed their own unions and petitioned govt to recognize these unions as equal to marriage in every way. This would have shown tolerance to other beliefs and cultures. It would have shown acceptance of faiths and multiculturalism. But the real agenda was to usurp and redefine the beliefs of marriage held by everyone in Australian society. As so often is the case, those accusing others had become the intolerants, the haters and the bigots.

Many people hateful and intolerant of Christianity, may still believe it was the right decision. But what needs to be understood is that a precedent has been set and next time those same people may find their own beliefs being redefined to suit another cause that the global media is pushing.

It might be worthwhile remembering the words of JFK in this regard;

That young children are now undergoing enforced gender therapy and few are willing to speak up, shows clearly just how vicious the attacks against dissenters has been in the past. Everybody knows this is child abuse, but few are willing to be called bigots by the media’s social Bolsheviks. It’s a subtle tyranny that quietly enslaves the whole of society.

Peter FitzSimons’ latest manipulative and bullying effort revolves around indigenous football players resistance to singing the national anthem before games.

The reality is that like Colin Kaepernick, local football players are being manipulated and coerced into political activity or risk being ostracized. Can anyone truly say there is something in the national anthem Australia Fair that is racist?

But the indigenous people of Australia do have a lot to be discontent about. Dispossessed of their land, their culture destroyed, murdered in their thousands, purposely enslaved in alcohol and drugs…. Frankly there needs to be a debate and decision on restoration and compensation on a massive scale. Certainly, an apology from the highest office.

But we are told the national anthem is the cause of indigenous anxiety? If that be so, then so too should the whole Australian culture and the sports that culture imposed upon Aboriginal society, offend. You cannot simply be offended in part, but not be offended by that which enriches oneself.

This is the motivation behind my below comment.

In reality this is simply another tool of imposition by the powers that be, to use indigenous people to push a globalist agenda: which is, the breakdown and replacement of national identity & patriotism in the West, with a globalist, multicultural identity. We can be certain that SMH & FitzSimons will be singing from that hymn sheet at every opportunity and using indigenous people to that end.

And to drive home how the absolute disregard FitzSimons has for indigenous people, he liked only one response to my comment. And it is absolutely clear he diligently sought through the many responses to find one that would be the most offensive to indigenous people:

These are the true colours of Peter FitzSimons.
Not once did FitzSimons question the motive of my comment, but rather sat back and let his hateful followers spew out all manner of bile and evil. This is the bully, the voice of hatred and intolerance, disguised as tolerance and multiculturalism, which has privileged status in Australian society.

While the Imperial West was marauding, colonising, enslaving & murdering indigenous people throughout the world, true Christians were following and lifting up those same communities.

To this day, while FitzSimons and his gangs of intolerant media thugs criticize and condemn Christianity from the view of their privileged and private clubs, Christians will be in the community looking after the orphans and widows, visiting those in prisons, feeding the poor, helping those in need from every religion, culture and sexual orientation.

Be careful what you wish for Peter. Even the famed atheist Richard Dawkins, who hates Christianity has warned against celebrating the demise of Christianity in Europe, noting that the “relatively benign” religion could be replaced with something worse. But of course, that is the globalist agenda.


Charismatic collapse

God is starting to withdraw from the Charismatic church and the Spirit of God is being lifted off this movement. Sadly most of the leaders within the Charismatic movement will not even discern the change.

Why is that?

They have already moved too far into the natural, from the spiritual. They no longer rely on the leading of the Lord, the manifestation of spiritual gifts or the power of God. When God moves away, they will continue to function in their ministries by their natural abilities, gifts and talents.

These ministries will continue to function into the future, but they will increasingly mirror those carnal denominations that are no longer led of God nor manifest the Kingdom of God. In the near future all these carnal denominations will go into bondage to this world system.

This spiritual is already starting in the Catholic church with the latest pope clearly representing and pushing secular interests and doctrines. There will be a minor rebellion to this overthrow of the carnal church, but it will succumb. The ecumenical movement will gain momentum to gather up all other carnal ministries, who will likewise succumb to the doctrines and bondage of this world, never to return again to the authority of the Holy Spirit.

These are truly momentous events in the history of the church.There has never been such a falling away of the faith before.

NWO Cultural Change

The success and well being of a nation depends entirely on its spiritual state. Nations that have a Christian heritage and that adhere to Christian values are more successful, have a happier society and have fewer social evils than those that don’t. Where Christianity is rejected or the Christian system is adulterated or distorted for personal gain, power or position, those under that changing influence will likewise suffer. Throughout history this has proved to be true over and over again without fail.

In this day and age of materialism, western society has been seduced and deceived into thinking there is no spiritual realm and that somehow we are the ‘gods’ of our own destiny. Nothing could be further from the truth. The spiritual realm moves and the natural realm follows. Where society or individuals are suffering or trapped in bondage, the devil has authority in their lives, either through the spiritual status of their leadership or through the individual themselves.

The secular world has no answer for the ills of society? Throw as much money, support and training at a spiritually bound nation, society or individual as you can and they will invariably return everything back to the impoverished state that existed before the received any help. Move an impoverished group into a different nation and they will reduce that nation to the same status within a generation. That is spiritual. But its no just impoverished people that turn back to their broken state. Look at wealthy people, people who have made money their God. They lose their compassion, their humanity and their soul and cannot even see it. Marriages are broken, children are separated, possessions are put first and relationships are destroyed. Then they pick up the pieces and re-start the process to do the same thing all over again.

The most wicked in society rise to the top of this world by selling their soul to the devil. When they have achieved all the wealth and possessions they can gather, they quickly lose interest and turn their attention to exerting power over others. The greater the yielding to the devil, the more authority they seek to assert over others. There is only one reason for this and it is spiritual. Is is the Antichrist spirit at work; to raise up a man to gain total control of the world so as to possess that man and rule humanity through him.

Now, after centuries of defeat to the love and grace of Christ, the devil has again embarked on an ambitious culture change plan in the west to prepare the way for his next effort of world control. Through the controlled media these wicked workers of iniquity intend to change what is right to wrong and visa versa. White, Christian, male is wicked, while gay, feminist, Muslim and occultism are good and wholesome. This and a host of other demonic doctrines are being pushed through all of the media, through education, politics and every sphere of society. In reality its all distortion, lies and deception to corrupt and prepare the weak soul.

Take the push for gay marriage for example. It’s called intolerance, prejudice, hatred and bigotry to not allow gay people to marry. Let’s think about that a minute…. Religion defines marriage as a commitment before God between man and woman. It has established various rules and protocols to be adhered to. People accept these and engage in the ceremonies and vows religious society has put in place for marriage to take place. People outside of religion like what they see and the benefits thereof and begin to submit to the same order.

Then along comes a small, media backed, militant and intolerant minority who decide to enforce change upon religious groups, supposedly to receive acceptance to indulge their own contrary choices. If their endeavor truly was about recognition and equality, gay people wouldn’t need to overthrow the views and beliefs of others. They would be defining their own relationships, their ceremonies and their relational mores with pride and then petitioning the government to grant their unions equal status to that of marriage. That is what happens in a just and tolerant society. But this is not about equality. It is about exerting authority over other people, enforcing change upon them and ultimately ushering in more changes to ultimately change the whole of society.

Already there are instances of three men marrying each other, marrying an animal, even a computer and of course the recent push to bring acceptance to pedophilia and no doubt child brides. The term marriage has been made a mockery and that is the real purpose of the media. It is a corrupt and slippery slope that will allow any group that has control over the media, to dictate any changes to society. Expect nothing less than the total perversion of society to follow.It is the process of degradation of the west that leads to the New World Order utopia of a non Christian, heathen, even Satanic, culture of the past.

Sadly people are easily convinced and persuaded to give up all rights, all standards, all freedoms under the guise of tolerance and equality.
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Beast Attacking The Church

The wonderful thing about having the Bible is that we can discern what the devil is about to do before he embarks on his wicked plan. The sad news is that few Christians labor long enough in the Word to get revelation. At this point in time the emphasis of the NWO (Zionists, Illuminati, Occultists, Globalists) has been moving towards Spiritual conquest. The financial markets, commodities, commerce and industry, fields of science and technology, education, politicians and govt, the media have all been enslaved, the Jewish faith has long succumbed to this beast power, the Muslim faith is being defined by the NWO protege, ISIS and now the focus is turning towards Christianity.

The following works are now at play:
1. Discrediting – a generation ago the NWO infiltrated the Catholic and other Orthodox churches bodies at a more senior level. Perverts and pedophiles were let loose in these faiths to be revealed at this very time. The unveiling of this abuse has now been taking place across the globe, saturated the NWO media and timed to coincide with the push of homosexuality and soon to be pedophilia. The mainstream media has also ramped up its portrayal of Christians and Christianity in an increasingly bad light.

2. False science has increased dramatically, particularly around evolution which have allowed generations to be turned from the truths of the Word.

3. A concerted effort has been made to dis-empower and remove Christian influence from society and replace Christian values and beliefs with those of other faiths, atheism and materialism.

4. More directly, works are well underway to overthrow the carnal church from within, leading ultimately to spiritual bondage. The majority of churches have already been primed and are in fact actively participating in their own downfall without even knowing it. There will come a time when others become aware of their stupidity and will attempt to rebel but it will be but a brief resistance before these churches and denominations go into spiritual bondage forever. They will never come out of slavery and will never be under the authority of the Holy Spirit ever again, serving on the beasts of this dispensation. The signs are there for all to see.. . ecumenism, associations with demonic faiths, routinely yielding to false teachings and demonic doctrines.

5. The final piece in the evil plot is against Spirit filled Christianity and this will start to become more obvious in the near future. This is a direct attack on the the Body of Christ and all that it stands for, which have until this time been left relatively untouched. Bolstered by their success against other faiths and the carnal churches, the devil through his wicked NWO minions, will turn attention towards the elect. Most of the Body will be afflicted and indeed many will reject the faith, but the Lord will prevail and cause a massive defeat for the NWO. Just as victory seems certain, defeat will cause a massive setup for these evil and perverse servants of iniquity.

So when you see the media increasingly opposing the faith, know that God has already revealed all these things in His Word. The following indicators help reveal the season and the times we are in:
– The third beast is Assyria, which is the NWO globalists and the media are their propagandists – expect no truth from this demonic entity nor its mouthpieces. (for Trump fans, he is either already serving this Beast, soon will be or will be removed from power)
– The move of God as manifested through the carnal church is Hoshea and the evidence of these carnal works is ecumenism, democracy, interfaith works, the building of natural empires, vanity and being puffed in the eyes of the world. This will all fail.
– King Ahaz is the Charismatic movement, which is the current response to God move recent outpouring. Sadly one of the worst responses to God’s Spirit. Thanks be to God that King Hezekiah is on the horizon. Expect a powerful revival to manifest in the near future, one that will result in a serious blow to the NWO.

Fake Church Real Judgement

fake church

1 Timothy 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.

How many Christians have realized that science is no longer scientific? When Christians were are the forefront of the study of the sciences there was an acceptance that for something to be considered confirmed science, it had to be visible, measurable and repeatable.

Well that has all falling away rather quickly. Nowadays a theory is confirmed as fact if you can convince enough people of its ‘truth’. A few years back Pope Francis made a statement that evolution and the big bang theory were no longer theories but scientific fact. No doubt Paul was seeing way into the future and the arrival of the latest Pope when he wrote these words.

Thankfully there has been a rise of Christian scientists who routinely expose the sheer stupidity of the theory of evolution and those at www.icr.org are among the best.

Unfortunately the majority of Christians partake too greatly of this world to have any interest in opposing these demonic theories or any of the demonic doctrines that are now becoming enforced opinion in this fallen world. Christianity is rapidly losing its saltiness to the world because it no longer stands for anything of God.

How many Christians believe people are born homosexual? Another fake new lie.

I often pondered why Christianity is going to be judged harshly in the future, but the signs are all too clear now. The Christian faith will be rejected by God, because Christianity is increasingly rejecting God. Sure we are going to see revivals up ahead, but the downward trajectory is in place. One only need look at the latest move of God, the Charismatics, to see how quickly corruption, empire building, adoption of worldly doctrines and mammon have corrupted this work. Thank God for the new revival that looming ahead.

Sadly the replacement of the Holy Ghost, the internet, is well on its way to establishing the alternate voice. History is being rewritten and the world is rapidly being globalized and molded and prepared to yield to the Antichrist. Its remarkable seeing how easily people, especially the youth, are so easily led in a direction. Whole populations are directly with the slightest incident and leading. There is very little independent thought and the right questions are never asked?

A recent bombing incident in Manchester led to the inevitable internet signs and symbols being displayed and quickly followed by the further erosion of privacy, military presence etc etc. Few Christian leaders stood up to denounce the overthrown of Middle East countries through proxy terrorist groups that ultimately led to this evil. No one is demanding the trial of past western political leaders that have laid the foundation for such hatred and bitterness. No one is demanding the West leave Syria and other besieged nations. No one demanded the US cancel weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel, which ultimately end up in the hands of radical terrorists. That would be inconvenient to the budget. There are no Paul’s judging western leadership for their evil actions. No…. the Christian leadership is too busy asking for money to build their own carnal empires. No Christian leaders in the west at risk of becoming martyrs or even facing political opposition, that is for sure.

Pathetic. Judgement is coming to the Church and Christianity is going into their own Babylon.
Fully deserved.

Have mercy please, Lord