Christian Activist

The Coming Revival

Throughout history the Church has gone through various revivals which have shaped the course of humanity. These revivals take place within the carnal church and within the Spirit led church.

As man begins to exert control over the work God has begun, the power and influence of the revival wanes. The cycle has happened since the days of Pentecost with the current revival being that of the Charismatic movement.

The Charismatic work too is coming to an end and has been one of the most corrupted responses in church history. The excesses and distortions of the faith have been an offence to God and man, both believers and non believers.

A powerful new revival is due to begin soon and will rank as one of the mightiest moves of God. (Not that God is variable, but God will have great authority within this movement)

At the same time the carnal church is also under threat and is going into bondage to the secular world system never to revive again. In the future most churches will be led of man without any influence or leading from God. This will include almost every ancient denomination in existence with the ecumenical movement having a large impact.

The Mission

Prophecy, exposing bad doctrine & events that impact the Christian faith and preaching the gospel at all times.

The Call

Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised

What is  Christian Activist?

A Christian Activist is an agent a change; a member of the Body of Christ working from within the faith to return the Body back to the original path. Revival is coming, but not through the established churches. Its coming through individuals , through Christian Activists. What are the signs of a Christian Activist;

  1. Activists are non respecter of persons. Christian activist treats all people equally from the greatest to the smallest. Position, wealth and power, if anything are a sign of spiritual weakness; the evidence of a life following after the treasures of this world, rather than the treasures of the world to come.
  2. Activists are doers of the Word and not only professors of the Faith. Their lives manifest the message of the Bible instead of being a rod of accusation and judgement towards others. They judge only those within the faith and are a beacon of hope and light to those that are without. Activists are not afraid to expose and challenge false doctrine and ungodliness within the Body of Christ.
  3. Activists do not compromise the gospel nor themselves for the sake of fame, fortune or ministry. There is no building of ministries or income through the use of the gospel, no need for secular doctrines and programs. Making merchandise out of the gospel is not an option.
  4. The only footprint activists leave on this earth are embedded in the hearts of mankind. There are no buildings, monuments, denominations ministries or titles worth having. All are forsaken for the spiritual increase of humanity.
  5. Christian Activists to not take ownership of what God is doing through them. There are no patents, trademarks, licensing selling or buying of that which God has freely given and done through them.
  6. Christians Activists do not take offence on behalf of God nor do they fight in the natural on His behalf. Rather their weapons are spiritual, mighty to change, powerful to establish the Kingdom of God in this world, knowing that love overcomes all things.
  7. Christian Activists do no make themselves leaders of other, but servants. They do not gather masses for their own enrichment, but they continually empower others to draw close to God, to be effectively used by God, for the glory of Christ and the increase of his kingdom.
  8. Christian Activists are committed to fasting, prayer, reading the Word and ministering to others. There is always a spiritual goal they are working towards, a goal that sees family, neighbours, colleagues, friends and strangers coming to Jesus Christ.
  9. Christian Activists are not bound by man made boundaries; by denominations and doctrine. Nor are they swayed by race, gender, age, belief or religion. They are open to the Spirit of God for all people, for every opportunity that is presented.
  10. Christian Activists live righteous lives; lives without compromise; lives that bring glory to their heavenly Father. All action, all speech, all works are aligned with the message of Jesus Christ.

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